Health Insurance Administration – what it means to manage your own plan

Sounds like a very helpful social program designed by our government to protect and serve its citizens, doesn’t it? But if you’re in a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), you’re the head of your own personal administration department. Yep, in the past decade since HDHP’s emerged as the answer to the double-digit health insurance premium increases, this health plan design has secretly ushered in one more area of your life that demands your time and attention.   And I have some bad news—even the most intelligent of you reading this right now will be confounded with the obfuscated nature of the HDHP world.

It’s funny, if you’re healthy, you can live an unencumbered life—no restrictions on what you eat, where you go and how far you go. Being healthy also provides a peaceful barrier around your life that insulates you from the world of using your health insurance. Whether you know it or not, there is a huge chasm between having health insurance and using health insurance.   Until you have used your HDHP, you cannot even imagine how much time it takes to manage the administration of an HDHP for yourself and family. I hope all who read this are healthy and completely oblivious to the rigors that can be involved in using your health insurance. If you are using your health insurance and having problems, please read on.

Your health is a journey and so is your health insurance. The majority of questions we receive from clients (employees and employers) centers around clarifying the benefits and features of their health insurance plan; it’s ‘Instructions For Use’ manual. For example, preventive care—the prepaid healthcare that the government mandates is covered ‘in full’ on your health insurance—its not quite covered in full. Restrictions apply.

In our next BLog, I’ll discuss a few of the restrictions on your prepaid healthcare, aka preventive care.

If you have used your health insurance plan, you know what it entails—or you’re trying to figure it out. We can help.

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